Our website has been developed in the view of the relevant regulations concerning the application of cookies.

Please read this document carefully and use our services only if you agree to all points included, and can accept them as compulsory to yourselves (hereinafter referred to as User) We wish to remind you that the current regulations refer to this website only. If you click on any links navigating you to other sites, the cookie handling manual of that specific site shall be considered.


Cookies are files or fractions of information saved by your browser from our website and storing them on your computer. These cookies help the server handling our website to recognize that the you have already visited our website.

Most browsers accept cookies based on their settings. If you think, you can set your browser to block cookies or to remind you that cookies are sent to your computer. Our website also utilizes cookies to ensure certain functions. The cookies we are using do not slow down or cause any harm to your computer

Our website also uses cookies originating from third party as well. Cookies can be blocked by or deleted from your browser. You can find the way how to manage these features on the website of your browser.

What is the purpose of cookies?

There are several goals to utilize this method, e.g. to show you the most relevant contents and ads, to develop our products and services, and to preserve the safety of our services. The exact name of the cookies, technologies utilized by our website can change from time to time.

How are cookies created?

As a first step the client sends a request to the server. Then the server creates a unique identification and saves it in its own database and resends the created cookie to the client together with all other information. The cookie created shall be stored at the client computer.

How cookies are used?

When the client connects to the server the next time, it includes the previously created cookie and compares the newly created cookie with the original one. Thus it can easily identify the registered client.

What kind of cookies do we use?

There are several types of cookies in use, but all websites utilize different types. Our website generally uses the following types only, but in course of development it may happen that we will use additional types as well.

Work process/Provisional cookie:

  • these cookies are temporarily stored in the cache memory, until the user is navigating on the site. The cookie is deleted when the user closes the browser. These cookies do not store any personal data and cannot be used for identifying the user.

Stored/Permanent cookie:

  • hese cookies are always in use when the user visits the website. We use these according to the following schedule, depending on their type.


  • it shows us where have you been within the website, what products you have viewed, what have you done. Depending on the type of cookie they are stored on the client. These are used by functions as Google Analytics or Youtube They do not contain any personal data and the visitor cannot be identified.

Social Networks:

  • enables you to easily access social networks to share your opinion, information our products, utilized by third parties as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or Youtube. These cookies may contain also personal data, and the visitor can be identified.


  • you can watch videos on our site with the help of these cookies. Third party functions as Youtube use these. These cookies may contain also personal data, and the visitor can be identified.


  • this one shows if the visitor has already been to the site, and what was the device she/he used. It saves user name, password, chosen language, location information. These cookies may contain also personal data, and the visitor can be identified.


  • we can send information, newsletters to the user, according to her/his field of interest. These cookies may contain also personal data, and the visitor can be identified .

Visit www.allaboutcookies.org for more detailed information on cookies.

How are cookies managed?

The client has the possibility to set its browser regarding the management of cookies. Generally there are three ways of cookie management:

  • Accept all cookies
  • Decline all cookies
  • Asking for confirmation of the acceptance of each cookie

It is advicable to obtain information on the setting possibilities regarding cookies in “Options”, “Settings” or “Help” menu of your browser. The following are the most frequently used browsers where you can get this information from

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome

It is important to note that he website has been created with cookie management. If the client blocks the use of cookies, this may block operation of the website as well. It may cause that she/he will not be able to use all features and use all services.

We use cookies even if you are not a registered user or you are not logged in. If a user is logged out, we use cookies to ease the following functions:

  • identification and blocking of spam senders 
  • restore a user if access has been lost
  • providing further safety functions as log-in info and confirmation
  • preventing children from registering with false birth data
  • display and selection, evaluation, measurement, interpretation of ads appearing on the website elsewhere (including the ads of our partners or advertisers)
  • preparation of analytic information of the persons connecting to our services or the website of our partners or advertisers

In order to safeguard our services and the users we are using cookies even in case the visitor does not have an account. These cookies help us to perceive and prevent attacks that may aim stopping our services, and the creation of multiple fake accounts.

If there are cookies in the browser or on the device we can read them, when it is is visiting a website containing social media modul. Cookies created by social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus), the operator is responsible for these cookies, you can information from the website of the given social network.

You can obtain further information on the settings of the most popular browser at the following sites:



Internet Explorer