Update – Result: 9 hunters – 2 hunting days- free hunting area- 52 animals (wildboars and female roe deer)- VERY GOOD HUNTERS!!! CONGARTULATIONS! See you in 2020! Book your hunt!

Special Driven Hunt Offer

Tierra Caza Hunting announces a special driven hunt event and possibility for hunters who do not have a whole group of clients for driven hunt. This hunting event is open for 1-2-3, etc. individual hunters who are ready to join to other hunters for a nice, absolutely free range area driven hunt for a fixed participating fee/price.  

Hunting ground: ~6.500 hectares Accommodation: Hunting Lodges (I. class)

Shootable species:  

Wild boar (All kinds! No extra charge for tuskers!),  red deer hind & calf, red fox & golden jackal, female fallow deer (if seen)

Date possibilities: December 17, 2019 or January 23, 2020 

Numbers of participating hunters: min. (10-) 11 / max. 15 (The hunting day will be choosed by reaching the min. participating number first)

Prices & fees

Fix service fee: 490 €/hunter

Incl.: 2 nights accommodation with breakfast, evening suppers (x2) and mid-day lunch (x1), 30 days Hungarian hunting license & insurance, trophy raw preparation, trophy scoring, BUD int’l airport pick up service, all off-road and on road transportation during the hunt. 

Not incl.: drinks, taxidermy works, trophy tranportation.+ participating „strecke” fee, depending on the final number of shot games on the „strecke”, final game display:

in case of   1-10 shot games on strecke:    775 €/hunter/day 

in case of 11-20 shot games on strecke: 1.030 €/hunter/day 

in case of 21-30 shot games on strecke: 1.215 €/hunter/day 

in case of 31-40 shot games on strecke: 1.575 €/hunter/day

Participating/strecke fee is including all shooting fees, no matter of numbers and size of the trophies (tuskers/keilers)! The fee will be calculated by the total, final numbers of the shot games, killed by the group in total, not by the persons individually. All wounded games will be count as killed/found games, no matter if it is later found or not.