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Airport: Beira + 45 minutes flight to the camp 

Coutada 10 is a hunters’ paradise, incorporating the great Zambezi river floodplains, grasslands, forest and swamps all of which are the habitat of huge wild herds of Cape Buffalo, of Sable, Leopard, Lion, Elephant, Hippo, Crocodile, and the elusive forest Duikers, Suni and Oribi and other plainsgame.

The owner of Marromeu Safaris is happy to be working with long time friend and hunting outfitter, Paul Ferreira (PHASA, SCI, DSC, IPHA), who has been in the field for 30 years hunting in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  We will endeavour to maintain very high standards of professionalism in this great area.

We will uniformly utilize these game populations to maintain a good balance to further improve trophy quality in Coutada 10. We will not be offering the hunter a “hunt of a lifetime” but rather a “lifetime of hunting”.  Thank you in advance to all the hunters who will be contributing in the future.

An established charter company will fly you from the airport of Beira, the 45min flight into camp.

Built from indigenous hard woods and sheltered under the large forest canopy, the camp offers en suite bathrooms, flush toilets, hot and cold running water and power trough generator. Meat from teh hunting is served and supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables. At capacity the camp can accommodate 20 people and also offers the option of exclusivity.

Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Hippo, Crocodile and Hyena are available to the dangerous game hunter, as well as a variety of plains game including monster warterbuck, common reedbuck, oribi, sable, chobe bushbuck red and blue duiker, suni, warthog, nyala and the Livingstone Eland.

Buffalo hunting in Coutada 10 is extremly unique. Apart from the buffalo inhabiting the forest area, the option of hunting in the swamps using Argos for Africa’s Black Death is what makes this a hunt like no other in Africa.

Marromeu Safaris offers you the opportunity to hunt this unique piece of Africa. Over 500.000 acres of swamps, grassland and scattered thick broad leaf forest- once the hunting grounds of the famous Wally Johnsosn and Harry Manners -lie within Coutada 10. Bordering teh Marromeu Buffalo Reserve and many miles of the Indian Ocean, the area, lies along the Mozambique coastline where the Zambezi River flows int the sea. This is the Zambezi Delta system, and accurate counts have the current Buffalo numbers exceeding 13.000.

Bow hunters are also welcome and will enjoy a high success rate.

Coutada Nairoto

Nearest airport: Pemba

Coutada Nairoto- Marromeu Safaris is operating a 400.000 hectares area in the province of Cabo Delgado Northern Mozambique. The concession is surrounded by small mountain ranges and rocky hills and ridges, inselbergs vegetation is characteristic of the miombo woodland, tropical and subtropical grasslands, savannas and shrublands. The rivers are lined with woodlands, characterized by large sized trees.

The area is excellent for a variety of large, medium and small sized species, namely the Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Kudu, Warthog, Eland, Reedbuck, Lichtenstein hartebeest, Sable, Niassa Gnu, Bushbuck, Waterbuck, Suni, Bush pig, Common duiker, Cape Grysbok, among other species of mammels, reptiles and birds.

Existence of some rare species, threatened and protected by law, as it is the case of the wild dog, blue monkey, klipspringer, among others.

A very limited number of hunting safaris will be conducted each year in the name of excellency. Marromeu Safaris is operating two camps, the first one close to the airstrip named “Toma” and the second tnted camp “Lion Camp” is located 30 km from the first, on the left border of the Rarima River and is considered the main hunting camp. We also operate through several “Fly Camps” available in the area.

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