Hunt in the heart of Europe???? ✔

Hunt in the heart of Europe???? ✔

In this part of the world we are restarting. Since the 15th of June the borders of the Union, (Schengen borders) are opened.
European citizens can travel again almost everywhere inside twenty-seven countries. At the end of June all countries supposed to be back to normal traffic.

Flights are also now operating connecting all main cities. Monuments’ sites are also open, just controlling the number of person inside to avoid big groups and concentration of people.f course the sanitary measure are everywhere to ensure healthy with thermo-scanner, and sanitizer.

Hotel and restaurants are working and reopening every day some more, all of them are ensuring social distance and sanitizing of tables, sits, rooms, and using masks entering and moving inside the place. You are free of masks whenever sited at your table.

The external borders of Europe will open soon, for the majority of countries starting from July, for some part of the world a bit later.

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